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Decorative Bath Towels

Decorative Bath towels are great accessories for your bathroom. They enliven your bathroom and impart to it a touch of class and style.

And they're functional too... unless of course, they're just so beautiful and elegant that you'd hate to stain them! In that case, be sure to have many regular towels available so you don't get your decorative bath towels soiled. 

A soft 100% cotton Velour fabric with high weight and great elegant designs are the hallmarks of top quality decorative bath towels. With multitudes of choices to choose from, they make superb gift items for your mom or your friends. 

Sherry Kline is one of the better known designers of decorative bathroom towels. These are available in Amazon and most online shops. Some of their sets include the following:

  • Basket Leather: Gold color bath towel set with leather band and Fancy Gimp and Palace Gimp embellishment.
  • Swirl Paisley: Coral or red color towels with red-colored band and embellished with Cord & Ribbon Fringe band.
  • Silk Strie: Lavender color towel set with purple-colored band and Cord & Beads embellishment.
  • Metro Spice: This set features embellished bands and trims and a gold color option with Metro Spice pattern band.
  • Zuma: This velour towel set features embellished zebra stripe bands with light gold and black braid trim.
  • Art Noveau: Sage color bath towels with sage-colored band with Gimp & Beaded Tassel Fringe.
  • China Art Black: A black color towel set with gold-colored band and & Fancy Ball Fringe.
  • Pompeii: Brown gold towels with gold-colored band, features with Fancy Gimp and Fringe.
  • Zebra: Wheat color towels with brown-colored band and embellished with double row of Fancy Gimp.
  • Tangiers Black: This remarkable black towel set features embellished bands and trims and is also available in black option with Tangiers pattern band.

All of the Sherry Kline decorative bathroom towels above feature 3-piece sets of 2 embellished towels (hand 16" x 26" & tip 13" x 8") and 1 unembellished bath (25" x 46:) towel. They're all 100% cotton of Velour quality and made in the USA. Each set weighs 3 pounds and depending on the model, costs anywhere from $27-$58. Spot clean only!

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